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Jeep, In-Game TV Ads Dominate Super Bowl Social Video

While there were thousands (nearly 22,000) videos about the Super Bowl created on social media platforms over the last two weeks or so, it was brands — and in most cases, the Super Bowl spots they had broadcast during the game — that received the most traction on platforms like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

Social video intelligence company Tubular Labs measured “Super Bowl” and “Big Game” content across online platforms from January 21 through February 4, highlighting the top brands, publishers and creators around the event.

To little surprise, the top 10 spots were dominated by brand commercials from the game:

Of those videos, seven appeared during the game, and nine were brand spots (VT’s “Man Takes Homeless People to Super Bowl Party” being the lone outlier). Looking at the top 20, the trend extends even further, making it 16 total brand videos — 17 if you count YouTube’s AdBlitz of the biggest commercials. Three different Avengers: Endgame trailer videos were also (individually) among those, across different platforms.

But the most glaring takeaway comes from the very top of the chart, where Jeep inhabits the top two spots around its “Star-Spangled Banner” spot with OneRepublic — which did not air on TV during the game. Fiat Chrysler, which owns Jeep, sat out the Super Bowl this year but it didn’t seem to impact the eyeballs Jeep was able to attract with its ad. On Forbes, Dale Buss also took notice of Jeep’s performance with the two videos, which earned so many views across platforms that it surpassed the total U.S. audience for the Super Bowl on linear TV.

Whether it’s a sign of a winning formula going forward or just the fact that Jeep hit the right notes with OneRepublic and the national anthem remains to be seen. But social video did assist in powering the brand to a win during the biggest TV event of the year, despite not spending on TV advertising during the game itself.

For the rest, though, the brands managed to have the best of both worlds: the Super Bowl’s massive audience and the online views as well. Amazon, particularly, seemed to win over consumers with the star-studded and mishap-laden spot, “Not Everything Makes the Cut.” While it may not have hit the same numbers as Jeep on social video, 38.7 million views is still no small feat. Same goes for many of the other Super Bowl spots that picked up 15 million or more views online (and there were seven of those in total).

We’ll likely be waiting another year — ’til the next Super Bowl — to see how these takeaways are put into action, and what new approaches brands take to try to get the most bang for their buck in (or outside of) the Big Game.