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Super Bowl Ads Arrive Early From Intel, Pepsi and Wix.com

Brands spend a lot on Super Bowl advertising ($5 million per spot in 2016), and they increasingly release their Super Bowl ads early to gain momentum heading into the big game. That’s no different this year. According to the real-time TV attention analytics company iSpot.tv, Intel, Pepsi (2) and Wix.com have released 2017 Super Bowl ads so far — iSpot Super Bowl Ad Center.  

These Super Bowl ads haven’t aired on TV yet, so we took a look at their digital performance with Canvs, the language analytics company that measures emotions around content.

The first 2017 Super Bowl ad to premiere was from Intel and Tom Brady, “Brady Everyday.” Check it out:

Since its launch on YouTube January 12th, “Brady Everyday” has more than 256K views, with 25% of all Emotional Reactions (ERs) from viewers expressing love. (The keywords driving love on YouTube? Amazing, pancakes, dogs and “Jack the Boxer” — referring to Brady’s undeniably cute co-star.)

On Facebook, “Brady Everyday” accumulated an additional 506K views, with 40% of ERs expressing love. (The keywords driving love on Facebook? Epic, love, eat and pancakes — referring to Brady stuffing an entire pancake in his mouth.)

Stay tuned for more Super Bowl 2017 ad updates in the coming weeks (and Go Patriots!).