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PeerLogix’s Will Gorfein Explains ‘Moneyball’ Strategy Of Content Acquisition [VIDEO]

As part of our Special Report on the FASTs (free ad-supported streaming TV services), we sat down (via Zoom) with Will Gorfein, Founder and CEO of PeerLogix to discuss content acquisition for the FASTs in general and PeerLogix’s “Moneyball Strategy” of content acquisition in particular.

TL;DR: PeerLogix performs an audit to find those shows that are responsible for drawing in the most viewers and then helps the programmer find similar-yet-undervalued titles .

To read the full interview with Gorfein and other industry leaders, and to see what we’re predicting for the FASTs in terms of advertising, content and user experience, download the report today

Q: How does the “Moneyball Strategy” apply to FASTs?

Will Gorfein: The way that we work with FASTs is through identifying content that will essentially perform on their platform the best and will perform well on their platform for the least amount of dollars spent. You know, we call this the “Moneyball strategy of OTT,” of picking shows, and that Moneyball strategy does go to the value side of the equation, what shows are undervalued for licensing, but it also goes to the retention side of the equation. So, more specifically, the way we run our process for the FASTs is we initially start out with an audit, we audit the existing content, the library of the FAST and we find the minority percentage of titles which are really responsible for the most amount of viewership and drawing the most amount of new viewership, basically getting most people in the door to the FAST to begin with. From there what we do, is we identify titles, which are of good value, touching back on that first component, but new titles that aren’t available on the FAST which correlate well to the titles that are performing well and then essentially direct that FAST to go out and pursue licensing those titles because getting people in the door is one thing but also keeping them on the FAST, reducing churn and viewership retention is very, very important for a FAST and that’s for two reasons that I want to touch on. One of which is, of course, just the top line viewership number for the FAST but also, the longer you can keep a viewer on your platform per session, the more ad exposure opportunities you have for the FAST and FASTs are largely supported by advertising.