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KSL-TV Explains How to Measure ROI Based on Local CTV Advertising [VIDEO]

The following is part of TV[R]EV’s “Eyes On Local” video series. Interested in learning more? See our new “Local OTT: What You Need to Know” special report.

Local television affiliates are very attune to shifts in viewership, and that includes recent moves toward streaming. Connected TV gives affiliates another opportunity to provide pre-targeted audiences, and many have already been responsive to this new sales channel.

Joe Accarino, executive director of business development at KSL-TV (Salt Lake City, Utah’s NBC affiliate) spoke to TV[R]EV about the ROI of local CTV advertising in the video below:

“A lot of times with addressable campaigns, we’ll set up conversion zones, it could be a restaurant or a car dealership, and when we do an addressable campaign, we’ll tag all the mobile devices and the targeted household. And when the mobile device leaves that household and walks into a conversion zone, like a restaurant, we are able to track that as an action for advertisers.

When someone does a connected TV advertising campaign, you can’t click on it, you can’t walk up and touch your TV set and have that be a convertible action. For someone to see ROI on a connected TV campaign with it being unclickable, the only way to really show the results to the advertiser is to track the mobile devices from that household and their entry into a conversion zone.

We probably work with 50 different technologies and partners and we’ve kind of pieced together our own platform for advertisers. We call it ‘Audience in Motion.'”