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Katherine Pond headshot Vizio VP of business development

How is VIZIO Building Custom Experiences on its SmartCast Platform? [VIDEO]

Custom experiences are crucial today, and that applies to television, too. Connected devices have created an entirely new dynamic for around the content and messaging audiences see through TV, with an emphasis on what those viewers are most likely to interact with.

In the video below, VIZIO VP of Business Development Katherine Pond explains more about how VIZIO is building custom experiences through its SmartCast platform.

“The experience on SmartCast TV today is a combination of custom curated editorial content by my team paired with content that is recommended based on viewing preferences and based on your own search and recommendations that you’ve interacted with in the past. So it’s an aggregation of a variety of different searches and content engagement and interactions that you’ve had in the past, and then those are put back together in a way that we can present content to you knowing that you’ll want to interact with it.”