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Beachfront Explains Why People are Interested in Local Advertisers [VIDEO]

The following is part of TV[R]EV’s “Eyes On Local” video series. Interested in learning more? See our new “Local OTT: What You Need to Know” special report.

Local TV has always been interesting, and there are two classes of advertisers: You have national brands, and then local, obviously.

For national brands, local advertising is all about supporting those efforts in either regions where they’re strong, or markets where they have challenges and they’re trying to drive strength. For local brands, the benefits are obvious: Getting eyeballs on your brand that can actually buy your product or service.

So how is local adapting?

In the video below, Beachfront CEO Chris Maccaro explains more about how why people are interested in local advertisers, local ads adapting to modern challenges and opportunities with OTT, and more:

From Maccaro:

“We’re seeing certainly an enhanced view on local because first, I think we’re getting closer and closer to forms of addressability and I think that’s getting a lot of people excited, both national and local. I think it signals kind of an evolution and how local is bought and sold. And I think that’s getting people excited.

The proliferation of OTT for local content has brought immediate addressability and enabled a group of advertisers it typically couldn’t transact and broadcast, to transact. So I think that’s really what’s driving some of the excitement around video is it relates to premium local.” 

And wow can you use local with DSPs?

“When you think about more and more local supply running through IP based channels like CTV or OTT, now you’re able to take that supply and marry it up to all this demand that sits in DSPs — where brands have been transacting for a long time, but really never probably had the budgets to participate in TV.”