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What are the Major Takeaways from TV[R]EV’s Addressable Advertising Report? [VIDEO]

This Addressable series is brought to you by Project OAR, the consortium of media companies aligned to bring standards for addressable advertising in linear TV. Learn more about the consortium here.

Linear addressable advertising is becoming a reality.

For a long time, it was limited to what the multichannel video programming distributors (MVPDs) could do because they had the technology and the set-top-boxes that allowed for linear. But now, Project OAR and Nielsen are both working on projects to allow for linear advertising using automatic content recognition (ACR) technology off of smart TVs. This allows for dynamic ad insertion over a pre-existing ad at a targeted consumer.

TV[R]EV lead analyst Alan Wolk explains more about addressable, and the biggest takeaways from State of Addressable Advertising report below:

Everyone in the industry — all of the major networks, ad agencies, and even some brands — have been working to try and create standards for addressable. So when it actually comes to fruition, all parties will be on the same page. And the entire industry being aligned around the same standards is critical.

When creating the State of Addressable Advertising Report, one of the biggest complaints we heard at TV[R]EV is that there are no standards for addressable, and it makes it very difficult to plan against — especially for brands. The only option right now is a sort of linear addressable approach through set-top-boxes, but there’s little guidance thereafter. Everyone has different standards for segments, different standards for measurement and winds up looking the Wild West. As a result, a lot of brands are avoiding it altogether. That’s likely to remain the case until they can invest more confidently and with universal standards set by the industry’s largest players.

Want to learn more? Check out TV[R]EV’s addressable hub for the latest reports and commentary on addressable advertising, and download the State of Addressable Advertising Report here.