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VIDEO: How Smart TV OEMs Can Help With Frequency Capping

From our upcoming series on the emerging smart TV ecosystem, Tom Fochetta, SVP of Sales and Marketing at Samsung Ads discusses how smart TV OEMs can help with frequency capping.

TOM FOCHETTA: Frequency capping is absolutely top of mind for  both advertisers, media owners and publishers.  I think the industry is all working very hard to  solve this, including Samsung. We’ve approached it with three different avenues. The Samsung DSP offers frequency capping across all inventory sources.

Samsung measurement, which is our measurement service, gives advertisers an in-depth look across linear and OTT and we’ve rolled this out by building it into the DSP, as well as our PMP.

And then lastly, by giving advertisers choice to buy programmatically through the PMP. we’re effectively putting control in the hands of the buyers.

So in a nutshell, we’re very focused on user experience and we built our systems to control frequency and ad load across all our solutions.

Because we both own the hardware and the software on the TV, we can develop and enhance the ad experiences 
to generate the best return for advertisers as well as the best viewing experience for consumers, We also have these exclusive insights and access to data to develop targeted audiences that people can’t get anywhere else and it uniquely positions us in the ecosystem because we know these consumers as they travel across our screens.

It’s also worth noting that more than 90% of Samsung TV Plus viewers don’t use any connected streaming media devices and they stream directly from their Samsung smart TV.