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Live-Streaming Goes for Gold at 2018 Olympics

Television moves from one live, tentpole event to the next. Just days after Super Bowl LII, we get the Winter Olympics. And this year’s Games will be live-streamed all over — from NBC to Googleto Snapchat. Brands are getting in on the act too, including Peloton, which will be broadcasting classes live from South Korea for the next couple weeks, too.

And all of THAT live content will have to contend with the hay made by Elon Musk this week. Not only was SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy launch YouTube’s second-biggest live-stream ever, but Tesla also managed to pull of a marketing coup in the process. Not bad for a zero-dollar ad budget.

Your weekly live video news round-up is below. Feel like we missed anything? Drop us a line.

Snapchat to Live-Stream Key Moments From NBC’s Winter Olympics Coverage [Variety]

Snap is expanding its partnership with NBCUniversal for coverage of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in South Korea — including a new Snapchat live-streaming feature that will deliver select moments from the games. Starting Feb. 10, Snapchat will begin broadcasting video from NBC’s live broadcast of the Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea, from the app’s Discover page. NBC is the first TV partner Snap is collaborating with on its new Live feature.

SpaceX’s Falcon Heavy launch was YouTube’s second biggest live stream ever [The Verge]

SpaceX successfully launched its Falcon Heavy rocket earlier this afternoon from Cape Canaveral, Florida, and the live stream of the event was the second biggest in YouTube’s history. The event reached over 2.3 million concurrent views on YouTube, coming in second to the Red Bull Stratos jump, which racked in a ridiculous 8 million concurrent views back in 2012.

Peloton Pedals Into the (Winter) Olympics With New Campaign [AdAge]

The fitness company this week is starting the largest marketing push in its six-year-history, a campaign that will include TV commercials during the Winter Olympics, live-streamed classes from South Korea and new brand messaging. Rather than focusing on its product, home stationary bikes that live-stream classes to an attached screen, Peloton’s new theme of “Better Is in Us” is meant to elevate the brand and what it can do for customers.

Snapchat will not let users broadcast Live [TechCrunch]

Snapchat is finally getting Live video, but you won’t be able to broadcast. Today Snapchat announced it will pipe snippits of NBC’s Live Olympics coverage directly into its app. But when TechCrunch asked if users would be able to go Live, a Snap spokesperson told us on background that there’s no intention to open up broadcasting to Snapchatters. They said users have not been clamoring for Live broadcasting abilities, and the company doesn’t see many use cases for them.

With a $0 Ad Budget, Tesla Just Pulled Off One of the Greatest Marketing Stunts Ever [Adweek]

While the launch was clearly one of the most dramatic moments of livestreaming in recent memory, it’s the live YouTube feed of Musk’s own cherry-red Roadster circling the Earth that will perhaps generate the biggest publicity boost for Musk’s emerging electric-car company. With a famously nonexistent ad budget, Tesla just secured a place in auto marketing history.

Wildmoka Grabs $8 Million to Help You Clip Live Video in Real Time [TechCrunch]

Clients tend to use Wildmoka for all sorts of programming, from sports to entertainment. Customers include NBC Sports, NBC News, France Télévisions, Canal+, Fox, Orange, beIN Sports and more. They use the service to cut and publish clips on multiple platforms at the same time — it can be social network accounts, a website or a mobile app. Wildmoka is also betting on web-based products so that anybody can use them.


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