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Democratic National Convention: 24% of TVs Tuned Into 2020 DNC

While the Democratic National Convention needed an altered format this year without venues full of supporters, the party still found a way to make things work on TV with a pared-down approach across numerous networks and digital video platforms.

After the dust settled, VIZIO’s data company, Inscape, measured DNC viewing using its panel of 15 million smart TVs and found that 24% of TVs tuned into the DNC. When ranking viewing by share of TVs: 12.3% tuned into the DNC on CNN, 11% on NBC, 9.3% on MSNBC, 9% on ABC, 8.2% watched on Fox News, and 8% watched on CBS, while 2.5% tuned in on C-SPAN (there were additional networks as well with lower shares).

(via Inscape, Aug. 17-21 GMT)

However, when it comes to time spent viewing the convention overall, CNN and MSNBC were a close first and second respectively. 

  • TV Viewing ranked by time spent Aug. 17-21: Cable news networks accounted for over 16% of overall time spent viewing with Fox News’ 6.8% placing it first, CNN was 4.7% placing it 5th. MSNBC (4.0%) was 7th and CNBC was 34th at 0.73%.
  • On a show basis, convention coverage made up two of the top three shows from Aug. 17-20, by percent share duration (i.e. time spent watching) of smart TVs that Inscape measured in all dayparts. CNN’s America’s Choice 2020: Democratic National Convention was No. 2 with 2.19% of time spent, while MSNBC’s Decision 2020: Democratic National Convention was third, with 2.02%. 

Convention Advertising

Data from iSpot.tv shows which creatives were most prevalent during the convention across all networks. Uber, in particular, leaned into COVID messaging. Meanwhile, Rocket Mortgage had two of the top three spots by impressions.

  1. Rocket Mortgage: “Rocket Can: Queen” (27.5 million)
  2. Uber: “Wear a Mask. Protect Each Other” (25.8 million)
  3. Rocket Mortgage: “Rocket Can: Together” (25.8 million)
  4. Searchlight Pictures: “The Personal History of David Copperfield” (24.7 million)
  5. Safelite Auto Glass: “Auto Glass Damage” (23.7 million)

*also notable that HBO has aired a lot of promos for “Lovecraft Country” (24.7 million impressions) during the convention — more than half of those appearing on fellow WarnerMedia property CNN

Most seen brand industries during DNC coverage

  1. Vehicles: Auto Makers (69.1 million)
  2. Home & Real Estate: Real Estate & Mortgages (55.1 million)
  3. Insurance: Auto & General (49.8 million)
  4. Retail Stores: Online & Auction Websites (48.1 million)
  5. Vehicles: Auto Parts & Repair (45.7 million)

Social Video

According to Tubular Labs, DNC-related videos generated 89.9 million views on Twitter from Aug. 17-20, led by the convention’s Brayden Harrington video (6.7 million views) about how Joe Biden has helped him with his speech impediment. Biden himself has shared 21 Twitter videos pertaining to the event, amounting to 21.3 million views. The DNC actually led all Twitter creators with 22.5 million views around the event. Biden was next, followed by ABC News (5.1 million), The Hill (4.3 million) and CNN (4.1 million).

Biden had four of the top five Twitter videos by views in the timeframe. Of the top 10 creators for DNC-related videos, eight were news organizations (and all were moderate or left-leaning).