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BIA Advisory Services Discusses How the OTT Market is Shifting With Regard to Local [VIDEO]

The following is part of TV[R]EV’s “Eyes On Local” video series. Interested in learning more? See our new “Local OTT: What You Need to Know” special report.

Where OTT was once seen as an opportunity for local TV audience extension, it’s clearly its own platform now — a fact that’s only increasing as viewers keep flocking to streaming video.

In the video below, BIA Advisory Services managing director Rick Ducey explains how the OTT market is shifting with regard to local:

“The local TV stations are fitting into OTT. Originally, it was for audience extension to bring more impressions to advertisers as an add-on to the local TV buy. But now, OTT has become a platform in its own right.

You see networks, of course, launching OTT offers — most recently, NBCU’s Peacock. Also, the major TV groups have launched their own OTT platforms. So they’ll sell those themselves, but they’ll also sell them in combination with local TV assets. Something like Premion, which is a Tegna entity, will do a deal with Grey Television and also make those impressions available for Grey sellers in local markets. Now OTT for local television is its own sales platform that’s also in itself cross-platform in combination with local TV.”