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Beachfront: Programmatic Delivers Revenue Automation That Augments TV Ad Sales [VIDEO]

This AdTech Explained video is brought to you by MadHive .

Today’s TV advertising environment demands quick and easy transactions, while pushing both buyers and sellers to maximize revenue on premium inventory. One solution there is automation, as Beachfront CEO Chris Maccaro explains in the video below.

“Ultimately, what revenue automation should do is help fill the gaps that a direct sales team can’t and provide them a baseline from a revenue and rate perspective to hold and even increase the value of the premium stuff that they’re selling, right? They’re out selling those most premium placements. They’re out packaging that up with a bunch of really interesting experiential things for brands, that stuff should command premium rates and brands are willing to pay for it.

What happens is you can allow your inventory supply to fall off a cliff and be devalued beyond those direct sales efforts. And basically because of poor implementation and bad behavior on the ad network side, that’s why that happens and inefficiency in terms of automation. Traditional TV has lacked the benefits of revenue automation for the last 16 years.”