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Who’s Still Advertising with Tucker Carlson at the End of Q1 2021?

Following January’s coup attempt, we utilized data from iSpot.tv to take a look at which brands were still advertising during Fox News’ Tucker Carlson Tonight. It’s been awhile since then, though. And with the first quarter of 2021 closing and news seemingly losing viewers across the board, it seemed like as good a time as any to see how advertisers have further shifted away from (or toward) the problematic program.

From Carlson’s fire-stoking in January, to his sexist remarks about women in the military, to harassment of New York Times’ reporter Taylor Lorenz and much more, the host is already off to a disturbing and dangerous start to the year. But (somehow) there are still advertisers willing to stick with him just the same.

Throughout Q1 of 2021, 102 different advertisers (networks, brands, non-profits) aired spots during live (first run) national linear TV episodes of Tucker Carlson Tonight. In January, that number was 73 and in March, that number was down to 58. Obviously advertisers can depart over the course of the month, though, so it’s worth looking at which brands were still around at the end of March.

Tucker’s top 10 advertisers by airings, March 25-31, according to iSpot:

Of the 81 minutes and 15 seconds of Tucker Carlson Tonight ad time from March 25-31, My Pillow made up about 20% of those, Fox News Channel promos had over 5% and Fox Nation had nearly 4%. Relief Factor and Balance of Nature were the only other advertisers to account for at least 5% of the total commercial minutes during the show.

Nearly 50% of My Pillow’s total TV ad impressions during that final week of March came from Fox News’s primetime block of Carlson (27%), Hannity (13%) and the Ingraham Angle (10%), though the company is clearly all-in on Hannity more than anyone else.

Carlson’s other top advertisers once again read like… less of a primetime roster.

Ark Encounter, which has the fourth-most airings of any brand during the show, is a museum/ship with exhibits and a zoo in Williamstown, Ky. For Relief Factor, over 41% of their TV ad impressions in 2021 have come from daytime programming, and ALL impressions are during Fox News shows.

Among the brands that appeared during Tucker Carlson Tonight in January but weren’t there anymore in March were AliveCor, Relaxium, TaxSlayer.com, RockAuto, Gotham Street, OmegaXL, SlimFast and many more.

Yet these departures also opened the door for the likes of new advertisers too. That list included right-wing misinformation hub PragerU, Theraworx Relief, Hero Health, the Indianapolis Colts, Kubota and Bass Pro Shops, to name a few.

While Carlson continues to peddle his brand of hate, he keeps coming under fire. But with brands continuing to support him — and even coming aboard after various incidences — it doesn’t appear that he’ll be going anywhere. That’s unlikely to change as long as Fox News is able to continue profiting from what he’s selling.