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Lowe’s Seizes ‘The Moment’ Around Memorial Day

Memorial Day sales have been around for a long time, so it’s no surprise that brands were ready to capitalize in recent weeks.

Chief among them in 2018 may have been Lowe’s, which blitzed television starting the prior week and kept up momentum into the first week of June. Lowe’s aired 30 different spots on TV from May 22 through June 4, headlined by its series of “The Moment” ads. And according to TV advertising attention analytics company iSpot.tv, many of those commercials captured audience eyeballs in the process.

With nearly 2 billion impressions in the time frame (per iSpot’s data), Lowe’s was aiming to reach a large number of consumers — further proven by the programs the company targeted. NBA games led the way with 96.9 million of those aforementioned impressions. Ads also appeared during popular programs such as “Fixer Upper” (HGTV), “NCIS: New Orleans” (CBS) and “Law & Order” (NBC).

Large numbers may not always result in a attention, though. In this case, however, many of the Lowe’s spots were able to both get in front of those big audiences, and present creative that resonated. iSpot measures attention scores as the percentage of an ad played across a TV device, and 21 different Lowe’s ads all reached the plateau of 90 or above.

The list was led by “Outdoor Entertaining Event: Hanging Baskets or Planters” with an attention score of 97.38. “The Moment: All This” had a 96.9, and “Memorial Day Savings” also scored highly at 96.49. Across all ads, Lowe’s had a view rate of 92.5%, meaning that 92.5% of viewers saw Lowe’s spots at least three quarters of the way through.

Of all the Lowe’s ads, though, the biggest winner may be “The Moment: Any Color You Want: Stain-Resistant Paint.” Since it began airing in mid-May, the spot has generated over 289 million impressions and continues to mass high attention scores. Over the last two weeks, it’s at 95.67 and has been a hit in primetime especially — where nearly a third of its airings have occurred. View rates are also incredibly high on the ad, with 98.5% watching at least three quarters of the spot.

With summer about to begin, Lowe’s advertising seems likely to pick up as consumers are motivated to take on home improvement projects or potentially prepare to relocate before the new school year. Over the past two weeks, Lowe’s has captured more impressions than any non-network brand (according to iSpot) — a trend worth watching as the month of June continues.