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Inscape Discusses the Best Approach to Privacy [VIDEO]

This On Privacy series is brought to you by Inscape, the TV data company that brings glass-level insights from 15 million opt-in VIZIO TVs. Learn more about how ACR data is changing TV here.

“Privacy” is on everyone’s mind lately — from consumers, to brands, networks and TV manufacturers, and even government bodies, too. With so many stakeholders in the conversation, though, ideas on how to handle privacy are likely to differ a bit.

In this video, Inscape VP of Business Development Greg Hampton discusses the best approach to privacy:

Inscape is doing informed consent — doing it the right way, telling consumers “if you opt in for this, here’s what data we’re going to collect, here’s how we’re going to match it to, here’s who we’re going to share it with, and here’s what it means for you.” That’s where Hampton thinks everything is driving to, if you’re collecting data from somebody get their consent up front. If they want to participate, they’ll say yes, if you inform them the right way.

VIZIO now has 15 million TVs where people were given that notice, they’ve clicked “okay,” they’re providing data and it’s being used, privacy protected. They will maintain that as part of our privacy policy, by not letting people match it to certain things that are just “not kosher,” so to speak. Hampton believes that as long as they maintain that, it will lead the rest of the industry — whether you’re collecting data off of a phone or a computer, or wherever it might be. Informed consent means that you’re going to have to give folks and let them make an educated decision as to whether they’re comfortable with providing that data or not. And if they’re not, they have a chance to say “no,” and if they are, they have a chance to say “yes.”