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How Addressable TV Is Transforming The Ad Industry [Video]

Adam Gaynor, vice president of Network Partnerships and head of addressable at VIZIO, joins to TV[R]EV to discuss how the television advertising industry is currently transforming, and the pivotal role addressable TV is playing in it. 

“Now is a better time than ever, for networks to think about how to move into the future. 

Folks within our industry have talked about change. But it’s hard to do change, it’s hard to implement change and it’s hard to leave a comfort zone where billions of dollars are transacted in a way that’s been transacted for years. So I think, because the pandemic has created sort of a change in how things are done, now is a better time than ever, for networks to think about how to move into the future. I think linear TV is alive and well, there’s no doubt about that. But how linear TV is being distributed is really what’s changing. And as more television becomes IP delivered, the more you’re going to need to be able to deliver different types of advertising and different advertising results to the brands. The brands are in a peculiar place now, because the pandemic has changed their businesses as well. And so for every dollar that is spent, you really want to be able to spend it accurately and addressable television can do that. And addressable television on the Smart TV glass really helps cross you know, DMAs, it crosses operators, it crosses networks, and I’m super excited to really help those networks take those next steps.”