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In-Hannity: Insights about Hannity Advertising

It’s hard to stay out of politics. If you’re a brand, especially a brand looking to reach people over age 55, Fox News is a channel that is hard to ignore for its large daily reach and low propensity of people to change the channel.

And while Sean Hannity knows how to keep people’s hearts pumping on a high emotional drive, there is also some growing evidence brands are reconsidering him as a vehicle to deliver their message to audiences.

For all the talk of Hannity losing brands– we thought it would be useful to share some facts.

Since Sept. 1, 321 brands ran 639 spots 3,075 times on Hannity for a total estimated media spend of $32.9 million. Advertisers generated 1.6 billion TV ad impressions during this period.

There is a slight decline in the number of unique ads running against original episodes of Hannity — from the mid 30s to the mid 20s. What that translates to in ad time is over 900 seconds of advertising per new episode in September has drifted slowly downward to just over 700 as recently as last Thursday.

But despite that, advertisers don’t seem to be losing audience attention. Since the start of the timeframe, attention score for all ads has stayed pretty consistent at 87.95 (out of 100), according to TV attention and conversion analytics company iSpot.tv. Audiences are also watching intently live: with over 97 percent of views coming same-day.

Ad Load per Episode:

Sept. 1: 960 sec /Sept 13: 930 sec/ Sept 27: 780 sec/ Oct 18: 750 sec/ Oct 25: 720 sec/ Nov 10: 720 sec

Here are the top industries advertising on the network since Sept. 1:

Here is the age of his audience


Hannity Advertising Insights provided by iSpot.tv, attention and conversion analytics company for TV advertising.