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Canvs: Unsolved Mysteries: An Oldie But Goodie Making Waves to a New Generation

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Each week, we highlight some of the top streaming or TV shows resonating with viewers. This week we took an in-depth look at the reboot of a “scary true-crime drama” to see which emotions were evoked for fans. Unsolved Mysteries ranked as the #1 TV show last week. See what new and old fans had to say!

New to Netflix and the Millennial Generation is Unsolved Mysteries, whose first 6 episodes of the 12-episode batch purchased, dropped on Jul 1st. Slightly older generations will remember the highly popular hit show with its gravelly-voiced host, Robert Stack and the show’s iconic, creepy theme song. While Stack, who died in 2003, is not in the reboot, nor is there a host attached, the part documentary and part spooky reenactment still delves into cold cases. It also still positions itself as a vector through which the humble viewer might be able to help. Each episode ends with a call for anyone who might have a clue to help solve the case. 

The 80s version was a smash hit with episodes, at one point, regularly bringing in 30% of the national audience. In Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries’ first week we took a look at what Emotional Reactors were saying about this new and old school show format. For starters, reactors expressed an array of emotions including LOVE, CRAZY, EXCITED, AFRAID, MIXED EMOTIONS, and ENJOY topping the list.

While viewers all around the world are hooked, we are hooked on why AFRAID made the list of emotional reactions. How is Unsolved Mysteries different from other real-life, crime-drama shows such as Snapped, Forensic Files or Dateline bringing the scary and ghoul abound? At 10% AFRAID reactions, fans had a lot to say about feeling AFRAID. One person tweeted: “Urgh. I should not have watched “Unsolved Mysteries” on Netflix before bed, now I’m going to stay awake for the next 14 years wondering where Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès is.” Another added: “Watching unsolved mysteries on Netflix and it IS BLOWING MY GOD DAMNMIND”. And still others added:

Could it be the mixture of re-enactments, as well as interviews and real footage, that paints a fully-realized picture of each unsolved case that prompts a mixture of fear as well as excitement? With roughly 10% each going to CRAZY, EXCITED, MIXED EMOTIONS, and ENJOY, fans old and new expressed  Unsolved Mysteries is a treasure trove of emotions.

We are curious to see if Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries will reach the same heights of popularity as the original Unsolved Mysteries. Even with its short debut time, hotline tips are already pouring in to help in the solving of the portrayed cold cases. Perhaps a mixture of reality, audience interaction, and being scared silly is a winning formula worth revisiting. We will definitely be keeping our eyes on Netflix’s Unsolved Mysteries to see what the future holds. We, along with the fans are looking forward to its next 6 episodes slated to drop at the end of 2020.

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