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What Problems Do VIZIO Ads Help Address? [VIDEO]

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The fundamental trend is that more and more traditional TV ad dollars need to find a home in an environment that is similar to what traditional TV was delivering. You have a big screen and you have great consumer attention. TV advertising, despite some of its shortcomings compared to digital, continues to attract large ad spend that it does because it works — and it works because of the environment that has been delivered on. But as that environment shrinks in the traditional or linear TV space, those dollars are looking for a home that can deliver a comparable experience.

Travis Hockersmith, VP, Platform Services at VIZIO, recently discussed the questions the company addresses for OTT ads and the collective challenges the industry must confront as a whole.

VIZIO is one company addressing these issues. But in order to continue to attract these dollars into the OTT space, the entire industry must create an environment where the things that traditional TV advertisers expect all still exist. That list: Measuring around reach and frequency, control for reach and frequency, aggregating content in a way that they can reach 30% of the U.S. population in one evening.

VIZIO believes it’s a big opportunity for their business, obviously. But also a big opportunity for countless players in the OTT space.