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Turner’s TNT Overtime for NBA Action Is Smart AF

Cord cutters rejoice: Turner’s got you covered.

Cable holdovers, yours truly included, this is pretty dope for us, too. Allow me to explain.

TNT Overtime offers free access to NBA games, including the playoffs, with multiple camera feed options to choose from.

I used it first at the Fabric Media studio in L.A. (those 5 p.m. PT start times are tough) when I wanted to tune in to a Celtics game (yes, I’m aware it’ll be over in five games, but they’re battling).

Anyway, we streamed TNT Overtime via a projector, and I fell in love with the experience. And despite not offering the TV broadcast feed, the four customized camera views more than sufficed.

Turner is really onto something because in spite of me being a cable subscriber and having the ability to watch the regular TNT broadcast on my TV, I’ve been finding myself opening up my Macbook Pro during games to supplement my viewing experience with OT’s various courtside angles.

(It’s worth noting you can stream OT on your phone or tablet for free as well, I simply prefer the PC experience because of the larger screen size.)

Here’s me watching last night’s game at home.

Why the two screens? Simple. The extended coverage camera angles are truly additive to the overall viewing experience — from the bodies banging down low, to the trash talk — it’s like you’re sitting courtside.

And yes, it’s interactive. I did a little digging and discovered the two “player cams” track players voted on by the fans, making this already rich experience even more engaging for viewers. At Fabric Media, we call that sort of maneuver #doublehandsomegenius.

Kudos to Turner and the NBA for capitalizing on an opportunity to further engage fans and lean into the streaming media trend.

Whether you’re a cord cutter, a rabid NBA fan, a screen-addicted media junkie, or all of the above, Turner’s got you covered.

And while the global TV revolution continues, Turner has proven once again it aims to be on the right side of history.

Turner’s TNT Overtime is smart as f*ck. So while you’re watching my Celtics hopefully stage an epic comeback on Thursday evening, it’s worth giving it a shot.