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Shaq ‘Rings’ in the New Year with Ring and the NFL Playoffs

Ring video doorbell was everywhere in 2017, following an investment from Richard Branson and a billion-dollar valuation. The one-time rejected “Shark Tank” company began investing more heavily in TV advertising in April 2017, and has remained active since — with the recent Shaquille O’Neal-led spots being the latest to grab audience attduention.

Its “Hide and Go Shaq” spot originally appeared back in October, however the brand made a major investment in the first day of this year’s National Football League playoffs to have the spot “ring” in the New Year on a positive note. O’Neal, founder Jamie Siminoff and his son were in front of over 21 million eyeballs on December 6 — predominantly during ABC’s broadcast of the Kansas City Chiefs vs. Tennessee Titans playoff game, a thrilling 22-21 victory for the visiting Titans.

According to real-time TV ad analytics company iSpot.tv, however, the spot also earned a victory in keeping audiences locked in. On the ad had an attention score of 93.54 — meaning the percentage of the ad that played across the TV device. Better still, average view rates were also high at 97.7 percent, showing that many viewers saw at least three quarters of the spot’s airing.

It was the first targeting of a significant TV event for Ring, which had largely aired all of its spots (not just “Hide and Go Shaq”) during news programs, HGTV shows and the occasional college football game in 2017. But with a notable former athlete like Shaq attached to this ad and at least five others for Ring, perhaps the brand could venture even further into sports-related programming for 2018.