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Advertising Insights for the 2020 Republican National Convention

It was a busy two weeks in politics with the national conventions, and the 2020 presidential election is only going to heat up from here. We took a quick look at advertising highlights from the 2020 Republican National Convention, using insights from always-on TV ad measurement and attribution company iSpot.tv.

iSpot data shows the most-seen creatives across all networks for RNC coverage. Rocket Mortgage owns the top two spots, while movie ads take third and fourth places. Uber kept up its COVID-19 messaging, although its spot was a bit further down the list, at No. 7 with 15.6 million TV ad impressions.

Here are the top five most-seen industries during RNC coverage; notably, movie studios are No. 4 on the list

  • Vehicles: Automakers (72 million TV ad impressions)
  • Home & Real Estate: Real Estate & Mortgages (64.2 million)
  • Retail Stores: Online & Auction Websites (53.3 million)
  • Life & Entertainment: Theatrical Movies (53 million)
  • Insurance: Auto & General (47.1 million)