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Mediaocean’s Lance Neuhauser On The Importance Of Omnichannel

In the initial video from our new Thought Leaders Circle, Mediaocean President Lance Neuhauser discusses the importance of omnichannel advertising. If you like what he’s saying, check out their downloadable omnichannel guide.

LANCE NEUHAUSER: Right now, “omnichannel” signifies the ability for a marker to be able to market the way a consumer consumes. has no channel conflict, they just have channel choice. They’re not going to sit there and say, “Man, I can’t watch this television on my mobile device!” And they’re certainly not going to say, “Well, this person forwarded me this content on TikTok, but I’m seeing it on Instagram, so I can’t watch it here, I’ve got to go over to TikTok.” That’s just not how the world works.

So what omnichannel is today is the ability for marketers to be able to have that consistency and persistency in audience definition. in creative messaging. and in the ability to work in and out of all the various ecosystems that are delivering value to their consumer. However, it doesn’t stop there. Because as we know, the future is going to continue to evolve. As we know, there’s going to be more surfaces that turn into interactions with consumers, from your mirror, to your desktop to your stovetop, we’ll all have some form of chips that bring about some understanding of what the consumer values.

And as those experiences, as those surfaces, as those ecosystems continue to build on, marketers will need to leverage those interactions in order to continue to deliver value and improve their bottom line. And they’re going to need to work with a system that has a proven history over decades to be able to bring on the new ecosystems each time they come online in order to deliver that value. And that’s where Mediaocean is playing.