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Mediaocean’s Goldman On Their Plans To Tame the Wild West of Audience Targeting

With a suite of software products that collectively manage more than $150 billion in global media spending, Mediaocean naturally has some thoughts on the future of addressable advertising. 

The company recently combined its media planning, workflow, and accounting products into one core platform. It’s now taking a same consolidated approach to the future as well, by focusing in on the growth of true omnichannel advertising. 

“Our mission is to unlock this omnichannel opportunity across all aspects of the media process,” Aaron Goldman, Mediaocean’s Chief Marketing Officer, told participants at TV[R]EV’s private Thought Leaders Circle event. 

Central to that effort is standardizing the way both the buy and sell side of the advertising industry approaches addressiblilty. The Mediaocean platform can provide a level of standardization by taking what Goldman calls an “overlay” approach to incorporating disparate processes and systems used by its clients. 

Take for instance the rapidly changing world of audience identification. As the world of third-party cookies crumbles into the sunset, the new methods and standards emerging to replace it have fragmented the marketplace. 

“Standardizing the modalities and approaches of both the buy and sell side of industry… That’s where we see our role,” Goldman say. “No matter what type of targeting or measurement you’re comfortable with—and that will be different today than it will in 12-24 months—we want to make sure that can be leveraged within the platform.”

Watch the full TV[R]EV Though Leader’s Circle interview to hear what else Mediaocean has planned.