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June Content Leaderboard: Top 10 U.S. Food Creators for Social Video

Food videos remain a huge craze and creators of all kinds are trying to get a bigger piece of the pie when it comes to online viewership. We partnered with social video analytics company Tubular Labs to see which food-focused creators brought the most people to the table last month across both Facebook and YouTube.

Notable in general is that the vast majority of views come from Facebook — in fact, not all of the top ten creators even have YouTube presences. Two digital-native companies top the list, while the broadcast behemoth Food Network comes in at No. 3. It’s also interesting to see that some of the most-watched videos from these creators aren’t super summery; as you’ll see below, Tasty snagged eyeballs with a dessert clip while Tastemade viewers were glued to a chicken recipe.

Leading the way is Buzzfeed’s famous Tasty with 131 million views on YouTube and 678 million on Facebook. Its most-watched video in June was “Crispy Rice Cereal Chocolate Cheesecake” with 20.4 million total views, 15.1 million of which occured in the first three days, according to Tubular’s V3 rating.

Tastemade takes the silver with 1.8 million YouTube views and 526 million Facebook views. “Whole Chicken IN Bread” was its most popular video with 23.9 million Facebook views and a V3 rating of 2.5 million.

Third place goes to Food Network with 5.7 million YouTube views and 471 million Facebook views. Its most-watched video is a short-and-sweet 25-second clip showing the making of caramel teppanyaki popcorn (it’s user-generated content that Food Network credits to Instagram user @restaurant_hunter). The clip has 15.3 million views, 2.6 million of which occured in the first three days according to Tubular’s V3 rating.