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Everyone Has A Crazy Side, And Brands Must Speak To It To Succeed On Social

If Trump has shown us anything, it’s that crazy really can control an audience. The current POTUS rose to power through a series of outlandish comments, which effectively created a domino effect of outrage among the American public, putting him at the center of attention leading up to and post election.

This tactic, although dangerous, exposed some unfortunate truths about the digital culture we live in. And with the Super Bowl (of advertising) in the rear-view, Canvs, the emotion analytics company, helps us uncover some interesting findings behind the brands (and politicians) winning social.

Are you not entertained?

Sure, everyone loves to be entertained, but that’s simply not enough anymore. The internet is flooded with content, and brands need to stand out, to separate themselves from the pack. But how? Well, based off of trends from the Super Bowl, the ads that evoked higher percentages of crazy also had a correlation with more shares. In fact, a 1% increase in crazy garnered a 21% increase in shares.

What drove fans crazy?

Overall, movies and TV led the pack among the craziest ads, with 3 of the top 5 Super Bowl spots being either movie trailers (Transformers and Fast and Furious) or series (Stranger Things). One explanation for this trend is linking the ads to specific release dates, which gives fans a reason to go crazy.


So, it looks like there is a formula to stirring up chaos in the social media world, but unfortunately, our recent presidential election proved anyone can capitalize on it. And with the Oscars rapidly approaching, these insights can undoubtedly help tip off brands to what emotional cords they should aim to strike with viewers to get the most bang for their buck.

Check out the entire study at Canvs.