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Dynamic Duos: TV + Digital, Brother + Brother

Even if you’re not a regular HGTV watcher, chances are you’ve heard of their most famous dynamic duo: identical twins Drew and Jonathan Scott, AKA the “Property Brothers,” who have stolen hearts across the world in recent years. And they don’t just grace TV screens — they are a force unto themselves in the digital world with millions of followers across social platforms on their personal and show accounts. We partnered with CreatorIQ, an influencer marketing platform that helps companies activate campaigns with creators, to look at the social power and audiences of these ultra-charming home experts.

It’s worth pointing out that even though they came to fame with the HGTV show Property Brothers (and its multiple spin-offs), the duo’s personal accounts have a stronger social following than the flagship show’s — a testament to the power of individual creators’ voices. Here’s a breakdown of key metrics, courtesy of CreatorIQ:

Drew Scott

1.4M Instagram followers, 3.08% engagement rate

949K Twitter followers, 0.05% engagement rate

Audience breakdown:

Jonathan Scott

1.4M Instagram followers, 2.15% engagement rate

1.08M Twitter followers, 0.06% engagement rate

Audience breakdown:

Property Brothers

939K Instagram followers, 0.8% engagement rate

493K Twitter followers 0.07% engagement rate

Audience breakdown:

Clearly, Instagram is performing best for all of the brothers’ accounts. This makes sense given the home renovation theme that lends itself perfectly to beautiful before-and-after shots. It’s also not surprising to see their audiences are overwhelmingly female (although Drew does draw a slightly larger male audience than the other accounts). Another interesting tidbit: although the brothers are Canadian, the majority of their fans come from the U.S., even though the show airs on both HGTV U.S. and HGTV Canada. Brazil is the next biggest country from which followers hail.

With a nice mix of show promos, personal updates, retweets of brand partners and the featuring of fans’ posts, the brothers embody the power of TV + digital when it comes to engaging and activating an audience. What’s great is that they aren’t afraid to get personal — or silly or serious or motivational — across all of the accounts.