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Canvs: Endings Revealed in This Week’s Top TV Series Finales

Canvs, the leading emotion measurement technology company, connects consumer input to research insights with patented semantic AI technology to help companies deeply understand and empathize with their audiences.

Each week, we highlight some of the top streaming or TV shows resonating with viewers. This week we highlighted the top series finales on TV, starting with the end of The Last Dance!

The Last Dance

Collecting 105,004 *ERs, The Last Dance sealed the number one spot with the premiere of its last two episodes. The final episode amassed 13 categorical emotions. Close to 45% of all ERs were of LOVE for the Chicago Bulls, Michael Jordan, and Phil Jackson. Jordan also showed his LOVE for Jackson, famously refusing to return to the team without him after Jerry Krause did not extend his contract. The interactions in the final episodes support Jordan’s belief that if the ’98 champs could have stayed together they could have chased another title.

How To Get Away With Murder

Emotions were a mix between DISLIKE and EXCITED as one viewer explained, “It’s the moment you realize #HTGAWM is TONIGHT, but then you also realize it’s the #HTGAWMFinale.” The end for the beloved characters brought SAD and MIXED EMOTIONS to viewers. Professor Annalise Keating played by actress Viola Davis garnered almost 20% of all LOVE emotions expressed. But, in true HTGAWM fashion, CRAZY emotions were through the roof as viewers thought Annalise was killed in the final episode of the series. We won’t spoil the finale, but there was still plenty of drama leading to SAD as a top emotion.

The Masked Singer

EXCITEMENT ran high as reactors sat in front of their screens for the unmasking of the final celebs. The Turtle won best and most LOVED singer only to receive more LOVE when Jesse McCartney removed his mask. He came in second which rose DISLIKE ERs as viewers stated, “The Turtle was robbed. Night Angel should have never made it this far.” The first female winner of The Masked Singer, Night Angel aka Kandi Burruss garnered CONGRATS on winning with exclamations of “well deserved.” Burruss is a Grammy-winning songwriter and Real Housewives of Atlanta star.

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