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Canvs Emotion Analysis: Cobra Kai Makes Waves in its New Netflix Home

Cobra Kai, the sequel to the generational hit Karate Kid, has found a new home on Netflix for its second season. In the series set 34 years after the original Karate Kid, Daniel Larusso and Johnny Lawrence rekindle their rivalry when Johnny Lawrence decides to reopen his old dojo.

This week, we’re breaking down how the show is fairing in its first 2 weeks, where it ranks among other top Netflix comedies released this year, and who the new fan favorite is in the fight between Danny Larusso and Johnny Lawrence.

Season 2 of Cobra Kai Kicks Off with a Strong Performance

  • In its first two weeks, Cobra Kai earned a total of 45,856 Tweets along with 20,884 Emotional Reactions – equating to a 45.5% Reaction Rate
  • Overwhelmingly, the series move to Netflix has been successful, with 97% of all Emotional Reactions being positive
    • Love: “Cobra Kai is the best show i’ve seen in a long time.
    • Excited: “Season 2 of #CobraKai was dope, can’t wait for the 3rd season to drop
    • Funny: “It cracks me up every time Johnny Lawrence yells “QUIET!” #CobraKai
  • Season 2 of Cobra Kai has also seen consistently high levels of Emotional Reactions nearly every day since it’s initial launch on August 28th

Compared to other Netflix Comedies, Cobra Kai is leading the pack

  • Compared to all Netflix Comedies or Comedy-Drama series released in 2020, Cobra Kai ranks second, behind only BoJack Horseman’s final episodes
  • Cobra Kai also drove the highest levels of ‘badass’ Emotional Reactions compared to all Netflix comedy or comedy-drama series released in 2020
    • @WilliamZabka @CobraKaiSeries @netflix Seen it 100 times, and it’s still badass!!
    • @CobraKaiSeries @netflix All that matters is that you become badass!! 👊
    • Cobra Kai is a revelation. Forget Wolverine because badass Johnny Lawrence is on the scene.

Daniel Larusso vs. Johnny Lawrence

  • Johnny Lawrence (3,652 total Emotional Reactions) earned slightly more total ERs compared to Daniel Larusso (2,206 total Emotional Reactions)
  • ‘Love’ and ‘enjoyment’ was also slightly higher for the owner of Cobra Kai, with Johnny Lawrence earning 72% ‘love’ and ‘enjoy’ Emotional Reactions, and Daniel Larusso earning 65% ‘love’ and ‘enjoy’ Emotional Reactions
    • “@netflix Like the great NPH said : @WilliamZabka is THE Karate Kid.”
    • FINALLY watching Cobra Kai and @WilliamZabka is amazing.
    • Anyone else feel conflicted about rooting for Johnny Lawrence in #CobraKai ?
  • Similarly, Daniel Larusso is no longer the protagonist with 3% higher rates of ‘hate’ and ‘dislike’ compared to Johnny Lawrence
    • Two episodes into Cobra Kai and I kinda think Daniel Larusso is the a**hole this time around
    • Just started watching @CobraKaiSeries and I already hate Larusso after the first episode
    • I don’t feel bad for LaRusso getting his ass kicked by #CobraKai anymore…


  • Cobra Kai was able to maintain high levels of engagement in its first two weeks with overwhelmingly positive Emotional Reactions
  • Cobra Kai was also able to perform extremely well when compared to other Netflix comedies and comedy-drama series, ranking second among the categories in 2020
  • Daniel Larusso is no longer the protagonist, with some viewers declaring Johnny Lawrence the real Karate Kid

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