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Binge Report: ‘Yellowstone’ Is the Weekend’s Most Binged Time-Shifted Show

According to Inscape.tv, the TV data company with glass-level insights from a panel of more than 15 million smart TVs, during the weekend of June 19-21, the most binge-watched time-shifted shows (based on minutes binged as a percent of all binged shows that Inscape measured) were Yellowstone, NCIS: Los Angeles, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Watchmen and Chicago P.D., in that order.

While we’ve regularly seen police procedurals rank high, as they often air in syndicated marathons and are perfect for DVRing and later bingeing, it’s worth talking more about the appearances of Yellowstone and Watchmen.

Paramount Network’s Yellowstone, starring Kevin Costner, had its season three premiere on Sunday, June 21, and the network aired previous episodes earlier in the day, allowing people to catch up.

HBO made all nine episodes of Watchmen, a show based on the 1986 DC Comics series that “explores the legacy of systemic racism in America,” free to watch this past weekend via its website and on demand. HBO also aired a marathon of it on June 19 — Juneteenth — giving people the opportunity to, if they couldn’t watch live, record and check out over the weekend.

Via Inscape.tv