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Twitter announces Bloomberg 24/7, raft of other new programs

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Last week, Twitter announced they’d be broadcasting live video 24 hours a day. On Monday, we learned the first iteration of that vision: a partnership with Bloomberg. It’s supposed to be an easy, snackable program to pop in and out of during your day. That might be the prefered solution for Twitter’s low-attention span, information-savvy user base.

Bloomberg wasn’t the only show brought to light, either. Ends up Twitter is airing a slew of other programs with various partners. Among them: BuzzFeed, Cheddar, IMG Fashion, MLBAM, Live Nation, PGA Tour, The Players’ Tribune, Propagate, STADIUM, The Verge and WNBA. Sure sounds like a television platform…

The Guardian is bullish on Facebook’s live video future, but also caveats that with an emerging super-user issue for streaming content producers — one that may be familiar to those who recall Google-plus’s initial problems:

“Facebook will not say how many people are using the service, but in July 2016, video intelligence company Tubular released some stats showing the disparity in scale: in June 2016 there were 6.8bn views of livestreamed content, but those videos came from just over 500,000 accounts. In other words, watching video is a mass-market thing, but making it remains very much a niche activity.”

The past week showed some opposing views of branded live video, too. While Adweek highlighted the big crowds brands are wrangling, Observer still believes live video — particularly Facebook — is a dangerous space for brands without some control over the proceedings. We’d respectfully point to the aforementioned Adweek piece as a prime example of how brands are using expertly-produced live video their advantage. Forbes buys in too, championing how live video makes everyone into a Netflix of sorts.

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