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Top 10 Ads This Week from iSpot.tv

A wide collection of products and industries fills out our latest chart of the most digitally engaging commercials, powered by iSpot.tv, the real-time TV ad measurement company with attention analytics from 10 million smart TV screens.

Some highlights: State Farm is the latest brand to join the ranks of companies making socially-conscious advertisements. Its first place ad, while a bit of a downer, has a good message: “Lift the weight of caring by doing.” It isn’t enough to just “like” a page about a social issue or good cause on Facebook these days — taking real action, like volunteering, is the best way to help, and State Farm suggests that its Neighborhood of Good website is a great place to get started.

Microsoft takes second place with a spot geared toward young girls, encouraging them to “stay in STEM” (science, technology, engineering, mathematics) if they want to tackle big problems in today’s world. Despite a mere 43 airings to date, the ad has generated enough buzz to land a place on our chart and is just another example of thought-provoking, issues-oriented advertising that’s been a big trend with major marketers so far in 2017.

The No. 3 ad lightens things up a bit, with a cute owl decked out in a jacket, bowtie and monocle touting the benefits of 24 hour XYZAL Allergy.

And Domino’s takes a humorous approach with its fifth-place spot that gives a nod to an iconic scene from the 1980s classic “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” and even features actor Alan Ruck (who played Cameron in the original film).

This ranking covers the seven-day period through March 21 for campaigns with a minimum spend of $500,000; digital engagement is a measure of social mentions and shares, online views and searches explicitly linked to the airing of an ad on TV.

Top 10 Ads by Digital Share of Voice

powered by iSpot.tv

(Click the numbered, bolded titles to view the ads.)


1. State Farm TV Spot, ‘Following’

4.02% Digital SOV  1,139,931 Online Views  11,010 Social Actions

2. Microsoft TV Spot, ‘#MakeWhatsNext: Change the Odds’

3.04% Digital SOV  1,324,930 Online Views  2,007 Social Actions

3. XYZAL Allergy 24HR TV Spot, ‘A Word to the Wise’

2.80% Digital SOV  1,087,204 Online Views  3,712 Social Actions

4. Mass Effect: Andromeda TV Spot, ‘More Than Ever’ Song by Rag’n’Bone Man

2.11% Digital SOV  531,001 Online Views  6,732 Social Actions

5. Domino’s Pizza Tracker TV Spot, ‘Home for Pizza’ Feat. Joe Keery, Alan Ruck

1.55% Digital SOV  101,388 Online Views  9,190 Social Actions

6. Gatorade Bars TV Spot, ‘All of the Lights’ Featuring Serena Williams

1.22% Digital SOV  326,928 Online Views  3,093 Social Actions

7. Delta Air Lines TV Spot, ‘4 a.m.’

1.13% Digital SOV  352,844 Online Views  2,627 Social Actions

8. Walmart TV Spot, ‘The Best Things in Life Are Free’ Song by Sam Cooke

1.09% Digital SOV  391,775 Online Views  1,761 Social Actions

9. Domino’s BOGO TV Spot, ‘Icons’

1.04% Digital SOV  420,618 Online Views  1,110 Social Actions

10. IBM Watson TV Spot, ‘Watson at Work: Security’

1.00% Digital SOV  409,512 Online Views  1,037 Social Actions

Excludes Movie Trailers.

iSpot.tv,the real-time TV ad measurement company with attention analytics from 10 million smart TV screens, measures digital responses to TV ads across Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Google, Bing and Yahoo! Click here for more on iSpot.tv’s methodology.