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‘Scandal’ Has Come to an End: Here Are the Characters That Drove the Most Emotion

Gladiators united around the series finale of ABC’s smash hit Scandal on Thursday night to raise a final glass of red to their favorite characters. We worked with emotion measurement company Canvs to uncover which characters were most mentioned over the show’s last two seasons.

It should come as no surprise that Olivia Pope (portrayed by Kerry Washington) was the ultimate emotional driver for the show, and this season she showed up in comments even more than the show’s name. Liv has been the iconic character on Scandal and it only makes sense that people have been expressing strong emotions about her non-stop on social media over the course of the series.

Also of note is the fact last season Huck (Guillermo Diaz) was nearly tied for Emotional Reactions (ERs) with Fitz (Tony Goldwyn), according to Canvs, but this year Olivia’s beau won out, and Huck disappeared from the top ranking.

Top ER topics for season six:


Top ER topics for season seven:

We also looked at the biggest ER topics for the series finale episode — and interestingly enough, Cyrus (Jeff Perry) and David (Joshua Malina) topped the list, while Olivia didn’t even make the top ten (she appears as the No. 12 topic of ERs during the episode). This illustrates how one episode’s story arc can totally change the conversation and how viewer emotionality is truly about reacting to what’s on screen, minute-by-minute. Iconic as she was, Olivia Pope got overshadowed in the end.