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Creative Automation, Brands Say Goodbye To Banners

The past year has seen explosive growth in ad blockers, largely due to the intrusive state of the digital advertising industry. Sure, there are innovative formats out there, but brands can sometimes be resistant to change, especially when there are perceived barriers to entry. Let’s be honest, keeping track of all this stuff is a pain, its expensive and its not clear how to optimize advertising and be safe about it.

With that in mind, we asked our friends at PadSquad, mobile rich media creative arm for brands and agencies for tips on how to scale creative without cursing at the computer. They showed us the InstaScroller a creative automation tool. The platform enables media buyers/sellers and creative agencies to create user friendly mobile scroller ad units that are 100% compliant with the latest Coalition For Better Ads digital advertising standards.

The self-service platform transforms banner ads into the IAB and CBA approved mobile scroller format, and PadSquad research shows this format produces phenomenal results for engagement rate (+300%), click-through rate (+100%) and other KPI’s when compared to standard banner ads.

“As the digital advertising industry becomes more automated, we want to ensure brands that creativity and innovation does not need to suffer as a result,” said Daniel Meehan, founder and CEO at PadSquad. “This perceived barrier to entry to mobile rich media is unnecessary, and interactive campaigns can actually be developed in minutes with cost effective methods.”

The growing influence of advertising automation paired with poor, intrusive ads has undoubtedly led to consumer frustration, and the massive adoption of ad blocking technology (up over 30% across all devices now). The introduction of the Coalition for Better Ads has taken steps to improve consumer experience with online advertising, but it will take a joint effort to truly redefine the industry’s standards.

PadSquad has designed InstaScroller to be 100% aligned with all of the latest standards, and brands can easily distribute scroller ads across PadSquad’s premium and brand-safe supply on a direct IO basis or programmatically. PadSquad intends to release additional ad formats, beyond the mobile scroller, in the InstaScroller tool in 2018.

“Banner ads stem from the stone ages of the internet, and it’s finally time for the industry to adopt modern, user friendly formats,” said Meehan. “With the InstaScroller tool, advertisers can develop a mobile rich media format which has proven to result in better consumer experience and outcomes that matter.”

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