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Apple and the FBI: A Chilling Effect

This morning, Tim Cook posted a letter to Apple’s homepage refusing the FBI’s request to create a version of iOS with security features removed. This note has set off, to quote Edward Snowden, the most important tech case in a decade. This version would have allowed for law enforcement to bypass any security that a user has set up, which would in turn allow them to unlock any phone they physically possessed. The FBI is citing the All Writs Act of the Judiciary Act of 1789, to which Apple has responded that this case of creating a means to de-encrypt a phone would create an unnecessary chilling effect on users.

What follows in the BRaVe POV on this crucially important discussion. As always, if you are not yet following BRaVe on Snapchat, you can do so here: https://t.co/tjTXZZCUXf

BRaVe daily Snapshots – Apple & security (feb17)