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This Chart Shows Why TV is Still Powerful

We collectively make a lot of noise about the importance of Facebook, Snap, YouTube, OTT and the rest. And while there is a lot of validity to the tug of war for attention between social and traditional media, and there is no question that innovation on those and other platforms are absolutely reshaping the TV economy, sometimes it’s nice to be reminded that the largest device hasn’t lost all its sizzle.

This chart gives us a peek at that tug of war.

The blue line is the number of  daily TV impressions Super Bowl advertisers are getting by placing teasers and ads against programs (as measured by what appears on 10+ million smart TV screens by attention analytics company iSpot.tv).

The gray is the number of earned online views (views from YouTube that aren’t paid).

First thing that pops out to me? Advertisers really held off on multi-platform engagement around Super Bowl campaigns this year. Notice activity only started to spike late in the week and came on strong once teasers were in rotation and paid budgets started to flow on social.

Second, in what amounts to a relatively modest TV investment from a handful of brands, the reach into the home via television is still a powerful way to gain scale quickly.

Now in fairness, we aren’t comparing paid vs paid but organic views on YouTube vs TV. But the real debate this begs? Would you rather have a few seconds on Facebook or 25 seconds of your brand message on a big screen? Because that is a key question that still plays in favor of TV.

Nothing underscores the reach of television advertising like comparing TV impressions to online views. Take note before you pronounce TV dead.