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Screw Bill O’Reilly There Was a Lot of TV News This Week

While it was hard for the TV trades to relent from the white-hot noise of the Bill O’Reilly buffoon-gone-wild sh&t* show, the TV transformation train chugged along. Without ignoring the impact of advertisers ditching the show, the jury is out on how it will effect the “no spin zone” network- which has been raking in Trump bump cash.

So, let’s move on from that dumpster fire and look to the TV horizon where innovation springs a new. And damn, there is a good bit of weekend skimming to sift through. ICYMI:

Peter Kafka makes good points when exploring how Apple Wants to Sell HBO, Showtime and Starz in a Single Bundle . WSJ’s Mike Shields notes Amazon’s NFL Streaming Deal Could Shake Up TV Advertising while Digiday’s Sahil Patel nails how TV Feels the Heat from Google and Facebook.

Oh the ironies! Wayne Friedman explores how New Digital TV Services Continue To Spend More On TV Advertising and Ryan Joe @ AdExchanger notes that Nielsen Dives Into AI (but not small panels. Zing!)

YouTube came out with a 10k view “solution” for ad fraud, and at least lip service for cleaning up— oh and a five market launch for its TV service. Alan Wolk’s week in review this morning brings up a good point. Why should we care?

Meanwhile the pages of TVREV are blessed with a flurry of originals (see below). Not the least of which, a byline from recent B&C Editor-in-Chief Dade Hayes on how Netflix needs hits too you know.

In advertising, Eleanor Dowling shows How Five of TV’s Biggest Hit Shows Do When It Comes to Advertising Attention and John Cassillo puts mustard on opening day ad strategies. And David Bloom explores Oath and The Price is Right.

Below, nuggets for your skimming pleasure.


*In which Colbert plays brand manager revising the TV budget

TVREV Originals

Week In Review: YouTube TV Launches; Netflix’s Shows Still Sort of Unknown
Alan Wolk

YouTube TV launched in five cities this week, but there doesn’t seem to be a compelling reason for anyone to switch or to choose YouTube over Sling or DirecTV Now. To further beat the dead horse we’ve been beating for a while now, we’re not big fans of skinny bundles or bullish on their future.

Netflix May Not Have Ratings, But It Still Needs Hits
Dade Hayes

What exactly defines a Netflix hit? Some measurement companies, notably Symphony Advanced Media and Parrot Analytics, have tried to definitively track how many views Netflix content gets. But critical reception, awards heat and cultural buzz are major parts of the mix.  But just like the networks still judged by outdated metrics like Nielsen ratings, capturing what will compel people to subscribe is Netflix’s alpha and omega.

Ready, Set, Reformat: What The Google Mandate Means For Agencies
Frank Sinton

Google’s mandate has been a relatively low-key announcement by the digital giant — who commands roughly 40% of the digital ad market — but it has some serious implications for the agency world.

Ad Tech Alone Is Not Advertising: PadSquad Puts The Creative In Mobile Ads
Alan Wolk

“I never understood why mobile advertising was so boring,” notes Meehan. “You’ve got a supercomputer in your pocket, there’s so many incredible things you can do with it. Why resort to a stupid little rectangle with a logo and an image?”

‘Archer: Dreamland’ a Dream Come True for Fans and Advertisers Alike
Mike Gasbara + John Cassillo

Archer has raised the bar for adult animation with witty banter, exciting storylines and sexy sketches. Canvs found that 4.1% of Emotional Reactions during the premiere talked about it being funny. iSpot.tv revealed that commercials during the Archer premiere had a 89.35% view rate, meaning viewers stayed glued to the screen even during breaks in the action.  

Despite All of TV’s Changes, Millions Still Think The Price Is Right
David Bloom

At 45 years old, “Price” is the longest running game show on television. It is older by far than many of its fans, whose demographics stretch from 20-something Millennials to retirees, male and female.That wide-ranging fan base keeps the show No. 1 in daytime, even as the TV industry’s audience demographics continue to age.

Revealed: How Five of TV’s Biggest Hit Shows Do When It Comes to Advertising Attention
Eleanor Semeraro

Does a show’s popularity translate to engagement during advertising? In order to find out, we used data from iSpot.tv to take a look at five popular shows, one from each of the biggest broadcast networks, to see what kind of attention is being translated to the ads.

Swear An Oath, and Other Things To Do With New AOL/Yahoo Brand
David Bloom

Verizon has been spewing lots of news these days, so here’s what you need to know about go90 and Oath.

Don’t Wear Your Headset at the Dinner Table!
Cortney Harding

Worries that people will sit around the dinner table wearing headsets are likely overblown.Still, the potential for VR to create confusion on a mass scale and convince people that something is real has problematic potential, especially in an era of fake news.

Which MLB Advertisers Could Hit Grand Slams This Opening Day?
John Cassillo

Major League Baseball advertisers tallied over 16 billion TV ad impressions over the course of last season’s national broadcasts, according to iSpot.tv. These are the brands that made the most of their ad time, delivering compelling spots that grabbed viewers’ attention and kept it.


Top Headlines for Your Skimming Pleasure

BMW, Allstate Pull Ads From ‘O’Reilly Factor’ After Harassment Report
Reuters — Tim Baysinger

Fox Losing More Advertisers After Sexual Harassment Claims Against O’Reilly
New York Times — Emily Steel + Michael S. Schmidt

Consumers Favor Brands Pulling Ads From ‘O’Reilly’ Show
MediaPost — Tanya Gazdik

OpenAP Names Accenture as Third-Party Administrator
Broadcasting & Cable — Jon Lafayette

Cable TV is Powering a Big Increase in News Consumption
Wall Street Journal — Alexandra Bruell

Study: Viewer Awareness for Netflix and Amazon Series Lags Well Behind Cable and Broadcast Shows
Variety — Daniel Holloway

Amazon’s NFL Streaming Deal Could Shake Up TV Advertising
Wall Street Journal — Mike Shields

TV Feels the Heat from Google and Facebook
Digiday — Sahil Patel

Roku To Strike Demographic-Based Audience Guarantees For OTT
AdExchanger — Kelly Liyakasa

New Digital TV Services Continue To Spend More On TV Advertising
MediaPost — Wayne Friedman

Nielsen Dives Into AI
AdExchanger — Ryan Joe

New Targeting Feature Seeks To Identify All Devices Within A Household
MediaPost — Tobi Elkin

WGA Sends Strike Warning Letter To Ad Buyers As Upfronts Loom
Deadline — David Robb + Nellie Andreeva

NBCU’s Linda Yaccarino Asks Buyers To Embrace New Upfront Strategies
AdExchanger — Alison Weissbrot

FX’s Upfront Lacked an Ad Sales Chief, But It Did Have the Season 3 Premiere of Fargo
Adweek — Jason Lynch

NBCU Running Commercials Highlighting Upfront Portfolio
Broadcasting & Cable — Jon Lafayette

A First: AMC Networks Will Give Upfront Spotlight to All Cable Outlets
Variety — Brian Steinberg

Upfronts 2017: AMC Adding Data to Its Scripted Story
Broadcasting & Cable — Jon Lafayette

Azteca America’s Upfront Gets Political; Introduces OTT + Programmatic Options
Adweek — Jason Lynch

Pepsi Pulls Ad Featuring Police, Protesters and Kendall Jenner
Wall Street Journal — Jennifer Maloney

YouTube TV Launches in 5 Cities, Inks Deal With AMC Networks for Internet Skinny Bundle
Variety — Todd Spangler

YouTube TV has Promise, but Needs to Grow Before It’s Worth $35

YouTube Channels Must Now Hit 10K Views to Start Earning Ad Revenue
Marketing Land — Ginny Marvin

‘Buying VoD is a Box-Ticking exercise’: Problems with Broadcast Video-On-Demand
Digiday — Lucinda Southern

GroupM Execs Start One2One, Addressable TV Company
MediaPost — Wayne Friedman

Marketers Used to Make Ads to Sell Products. Now They’re Creating Whole TV Shows
CNBC — Lucy Handley

Apple Wants to Sell HBO, Showtime and Starz in a Single Bundle
Recode — Peter Kafka

MipTV Feels Full Impact of Digital TV Revolution
Variety — John Hopewell

TV Group ATSG Issues Guidelines For Ad, Data Targeting
MediaPost — Wayne Friedman

Digital Advertisers Bought More Varieties of Data in 2016
Advertising Age — Kate Kaye

Audience Measurement Struggles To Keep Up With Changing Viewing Behavior
MediaPost — Larissa Faw

Mashable’s Pete Cashmore: Snapchat is the Future of Cable TV
Digiday — Aditi Sangal

What TV Advertisers Can Learn From Snapchat
AdExchanger — Patrick Hanavan

ESPN is Thinking Beyond TV with ‘Special Projects’
Digiday — Sahil Patel

As Content Spending Goes Wild, What Role Will Advertising Play?
AdExchanger — Jacqueline Corbelli

Showtime Lands on Dish’s Sling TV as Skinny-Bundle Add-On Option
Variety — Todd Spangler

AT&T Ups its Unlimited Data Game, Throws in HBO for Free

Netflix’s New Thumbs Rating System Goes Live
TechCrunch — Darrell Etherington

Modi Media Vets Stake Out Addressable TV Firm For Multi-MVPD Buys
AdExchanger — James Hercher

Some Marketers Want More Ad Testing, Less Debating About Metrics
Wall Street Journal — Mike Shields

go90 Notches Warner Bros. Content Deal
Multichannel News — Jeff Baumgartner

Twitter Targets Tie-Ups with Pay-TV Broadcasters in Live Video Push
The Telegraph — James Titcomb

Data Shows NCAA Accounts For 9% Of TV Ad Spending During Women’s Basketball Tourney
Sports Business Daily — David Broughton

Nielsen, Other Media Measurement Players Face Whole New Ballgame
Forbes — Howard Homonoff

Always-On TV Data Solution from Alphonso Empowers Brands and Media Agencies with Real-Time Ad Insights and Closed Loop Attribution

Nielsen: Live TV Viewing Continues to Decline
Multichannel News — Jon Lafayette

Viewership for Final Four Games Increases by 44%
Broadcasting & Cable — Jon Lafayette

Tapad and Matter More Announce Strategic Partnership
PR Newswire

Attribution Means a Nuanced Understanding of Channel Impact: Q&A with Manu Mathew, Visual IQ
ExchangeWire — Lindsay Rowntree

Viacom Nets Up Rush To Head Of ‘Audience Science’
MediaPost — Joe Mandese