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Padsquad’s Vvital Launch Capitalizes on Vertical Video for Mobile Web

On Wednesday, mobile rich media creative firm PadSquad announced its new vertical video offering for advertisers. The interactive vertical video product, Vvital, comes at the perfect time while vertical video advertising grows more than 1,200 percent for Padsquad since January 1.

It’s easy to see how the success of Snapchat, which emphasizes vertical video, will continue to grow this space for brands and advertisers in the future.

“Snapchat gave birth to the vertical video craze,” said Daniel Meehan, Founder and CEO, Padsquad. “But brands and agencies need help creating, optimizing, and distributing interactive content for creators across the mobile web landscape.”

“(Padsquad is) embracing a similar role shepherding brands and agencies into mobile vertical video advertising.”

The company will be focused on helping agencies and brands build snappy vertical video ads from the ground up. So starting with ideation and storyboarding, all the way through to creation and distribution of eye-catching user experiences via video.

The specifics on Vvital:

  • Short form + Polite: Under 15-second full screen video that is native to the device and behavior of mobile users.
  • Premium performance: Fast loading, HD video featuring retina graphics and fonts.
  • In-video interactivity: 360, shoppable icons, swipable product gallery, store locator, interactive cue cards, etc.
  • Advanced video analytics: avg playtime, unmute rate, video attention span, video engagement (by time + quartile), time spent, etc.
  • Turn-key execution: PadSquad video editing + creative production offered as added value

PadSquad combines the power of mobile rich media with the impact of vertical video to create a premium interscroller format that politely engages with mobile users. To-date, the product is outperforming traditional video ads with a completion rate 389% above industry benchmarks, according to Padsquad. So far, brands like Elizabeth Arden, ABC, Delta, Univision, Barilla and Pillsbury have all signed on.