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Which MLB Advertisers Could Hit Grand Slams This Opening Day?

Major League Baseball advertisers tallied over 16 billion TV ad impressions over the course of last season’s national broadcasts, according to iSpot.tv, the real-time TV advertising measurement and attention analytics company with data from 10 million smart TV screens. And while the high pitch count showed durability, it didn’t always reflect quality going over the plate. But some brands made the most of their ad time, delivering compelling spots that grabbed viewers’ attention and kept it.

In terms of average view rate (AVR is the percentage of an ad that is watched across all views of that ad), some of the sport’s top brands (across all spots) included:

  • Facebook (99.94%)
  • The Hartford (98.11%)
  • Esurance (97.91%)
  • Bank of America (97.73%)
  • Harvoni (97.19%)

Those brands didn’t all have to spend big to be a hit with viewers, either. In fact, none were among the sport’s 10 biggest spenders in 2016, according to iSpot estimates; Bank of America comes in highest at 14th.

We’ll be keeping an eye on which marketers return and which are new on Opening Day while viewers play hookie from work to watch their team. Using last year’s most-seen ads (ranked by TV ad impressions), some of the early nominees for big numbers — and a lot of time on your TVs — include Hankook Tires, Bank of America, Chevrolet, T-Mobile and Verizon.

Hankook’s “Never Halfway: Vanishing Act” was actually the most-viewed ad during last season’s MLB programming, with over 155.5 million TV ad impressions. Bank of America’s “Seventh Inning Stretch,” Chevrolet’s “Wall,” and T-Mobile’s “Unlimited Baseball: Nats vs. Socks” were the only other spots to top 100 million impressions.