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Live At The Live Fronts – Part 2

[Check out Part 1 here ]

The second half of the inaugural Live Fronts focused on the business end of live streaming—how to use it, how to monetize it, who was doing what.

The day’s host, Mario Armstrong, showed off his new live streaming show “The Never Settle Show.” Backed by Roker Media, Never Settle will feature a live studio audience in New York… and a live interactive audience online. Viewers will be able to participate in shaping the segments, picking guests, entertainment and topics. Online viewers can even ask question live, in real-time, via social or even via a phone call. You can check out the trailer here.

BRaVe Ventures founders David Beck and Jesse Redniss hosted fireside chats with Viacom and Snapchat, respectively. The audience learned about how Viacom handles legal issues with live streaming—what happens when someone in the audience flashes a brand logo, for instance, and how live video on Snapchat works to boost ticket sales for Live Nation. Snapchat’s Ben Schwerin discussed the role of Snapchat’s new camera-enabled sunglasses, noting that they “allow people to Snap without having a ‘wall’ in front of their face.”

The Wall Street Journal’s Mike Shields hosted a panel on Driving Audience Growth and Engagement Within The Pop Culture and Entertainment Realm. The panelists, who represented BET, E!, Univision, Twitch and Viacom, discussed the pros and cons of using social platforms versus their own hosted sites. “Once you’re past 15-20 minutes, you’re producing a show,” noted BET’s Kay Madati. “It’s not just some guy with an iPhone camera.”

Next up was BRaVe Ventures Principal Jen Kavanaugh talkign about the Power of Platform and Influence. Panelists from iSocialFanz, What’s Trending, YouNow and Busker discussed the power of a personal brand and how unexpected brands—even boring ones—can succeed with live streaming by selecting the right content geared to the right audiences.

Ad Age’s Jeanine Poggi hosted the final panel on Brands + Execution with iPowow, BrandLive, .LIVE, Aftermarq and Laundry Service on stage. The discussion focused on how brands were using live streaming and what returns they were seeing. Quality was an issue everyone agreed on, with iPowow’s Colin Hornett  noting that “It’s not hard to broadcast in HD. This needs to be the absolute baseline for any brand.”

iPowow also provided a series of audience polls throughout the event, on everything from whether live streaming sports made people more likely to cut the cord to what level of growth the audience expected from live streaming.

Overall, it was quite an array of star power and knowledge bombs for the Live Fronts first outing. You can find all the buzz on Twitter by using the hashtag #thelivefronts.

See you next year.


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