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Brands Say YAS to Broad City

Abbi Jacobson and Ilana Glazer, AKA the quirky duo called Broad City, returned to Comedy Central after a long-overdue hiatus this September. YAS QUEEN!

They’re back with more guest stars and bodega-gone-awry happenings, and Season Four is bolder than ever before. Addi and Ilana navigate NYC as dazed-and-confused twenty-somethings– needless to say, they’re the type of girls who appreciate greasy food, such as a Taco Bell quesadilla. While T-Bell isn’t natively inserted into the show a la branded content, it would be a perfect fit. So it makes sense that during last week’s episode, a spot for T-Bell’s Crispy Chicken Quesadilla Box had a 94.6 iSpot.tv Attention Score, far superior to other brands. That means audiences quiere Taco Bell, as this ad interrupted was interrupted 27% less-often than other Broad City advertisers.

Actually, all brands benefit from the Broad Effect– last week’s episode had an average view rate of 93.04%, surpassing the season’s 92.07% AVR. This means most viewers aren’t changing the channel during breaks, to the benefit of brands. The all-star attention-grabbing advertisers last week were Cerveza Pacifico, Lionsgate, Axe and Tile, boasting attention rates over 95%. And the coolest thing about Broad City? While the series stars two badass females, the audience skews slightly male. YAS!