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WideOrbit’s Offeman: I’m A Big Believer In As Much Unduplicated Reach As Possible.

WideOrbit Chief Product Officer Will Offeman has a different view of addressable advertising than most others in the field. 

“A lot of folks pitch this as serving the right ad to the right audience at the right time,” he says. “I actually believe in a slightly different model, which is being able to serve a common ad, to a common audience, at different times. I’m a big believer in as much unduplicated reach as possible.”

That philosophy drives WideOrbit’s approach to delivering the enabling technology for broadcasters to provide addressable and dynamic ad insertion and delivery. For instance, the company recently built a multicast log so both streaming services and traditional broadcast outlets know what to do with the ad inventory it holds. 

“This allows you to go upstream into the sales process and hopefully monetize your inventory in a better fashion,” Offeman says. “Everything we build is to help maximize the monetization of that inventory… Whether you call it convergence, or unification, or fluidity, it’s really about digital and linear coming together.”

Hear more of Offeman’s thoughts on the next year in addressable advertising in this exclusive two-minute clip from his talk at this month’s private TV[R]EV Thought Leaders Circle event.