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Why has it taken so long for addressable to come to linear TV? [VIDEO]

If I had a dollar for every time I heard “the biggest problem with addressable is scale”, I’d be on a beach sipping an ice-cold margarita. But the real behind-the-scenes factors that have been preventing addressable advertising from coming to linear TV extends far beyond “scale”.

Check out our recent video featuring TVREV analyst Alan Wolk, who dives into the technological and sales challenges that have hindered the adoption of linear addressable. And how the emergence of digital TV is reigniting the fire of the industry to bring this dream to fruition.

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Video Transcript:

There’s two reasons for that. One is that TV is live and it was technologically difficult to change ads up midstream. And the second reason is that TV is sold by households, not by persons.

In other words, people watch TV in groups never could tell who exactly they were targeting. But as OTT started growing, over the top, which is digitally delivered Television. That’s all on demand so the technological challenges weren’t there.

Digital can deliver addressable advertising. It started to become a big thing. And then people, advertisers, marketers started to say, hey, why can’t we get this on linear? We want to make this thing. It’s really starting to become something now.

Photo by freestocks.org from Pexels