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26 Influencers with the Highest Affinity for Interior Designing Brands

We are smack dab in the middle of winter, and after the results of groundhogs day, it looks like it’s here to stay. But that doesn’t mean you can’t start thinking about a little spring time feng shui. TVREV partnered with  WHOSAY Match, a free web and mobile application that helps connect campaign objectives to the best talent at every level of influence, to create a Hot Talent List of the top interior design influencers for brand partnerships.

1. Becki Owens

Interior designer and influencer Becki Owens and her husband started a business staging homes and working on residential design in simple, clean and elegant fashion. They flaunt 731 thousand fans mostly on Instagram (728K) and Facebook (3K). Owens’ fans are ages 25-34 (45%) and 18-24 (31%). Eighty-seven percent of them are female.

2. Dear Lillie

Dear Lillie is a home and interior design blog by Jennifer Holmes and Jamie Druke. They’ve amassed 538 thousand fans, 250K on Instagram, 286K on Facebook and 2K on Twitter. Jennifer and Jamie’s fans are ages 25-34 (47%), 18-24 (25%) and 95% are female.

3. Amber Interiors

After a brief stint in fashion school, and a few semesters in the UCLA interior design program, Amber ultimately landed an amazing job as an assistant at an interior design firm where she spent a couple years absorbing the ins and outs of the interior design business. Eventually she used her experience to branch out all on her own, and the rest is history. The interior designer and influencer has 521 thousand fans on Instagram (509K), Facebook (8K) and Twitter (5K) ages 25-34 (43%) and 18-24 (33%). EIghty-eight percent of Amber Interiors’ fans are female.

4. New Darlings

Robert and Christina are the husband and wife, photo takers, adventurers and best friends behind New Darlings. They like to laugh too hard, dance all night, and explore together the experiences they then share with their 465 thousand fans on Instagram (455K), Facebook (8K) and Twitter (3K). Their followers are ages 18-24 (48%), 25-34 (32%) and 89% of them are female.

5. Sfgirlbybay

Victoria Smith aka SFGIRLBYBAY, is known for representing ‘bohemian modern style’ and for showcasing the freshest designers, artists, products and trends. Averaging 2-3 new posts a day, sfgirlbybay provides 25,000+ daily readers and over 200,000+ rss readers, with shopping finds; behind the scenes interviews and home/studio virtual tours of up-and-coming artists; design/art event coverage; all the while offering affordable design inspiration and ideas, and encouraging individuality and unique, personal style. Sfgirlbybay is followed by 341 thousand fand across Instagram (212K), Facebook (73K) and Twitter (55K). Sfgirlbybay’s fans are ages 25-34 (41%),  18-24 (34%) and 91% are female.

6. Sugar & Cloth

Ashley  Rose is a Houston, Texas based content creator and blogger. Her content touches on food, travel, style, and DIY. She has 307 thousand followers on Instagram (268K), Facebook (25K) and Twitter (14K) ages 25-34 (43%) and 18-24 (35%). Ninety-three percent are female.

7. HonestlyWTF

Erica Chan Coffman, is the co-founder and editor-in-chief of the cult (and cheekily named) blog Honestly WTF. A do-everything, jack-of-absolutely-all-trades, Erica has an incredible sense of style and puts a unique flair on all things she tries her hand at. Her blog covers everything from fashion to travel to art to beauty and, perhaps most famously, a whole lot of DIY. She has 241 thousand followers on Instagram (116K), Facebook (97K) and Twitter (28K). Erica’s fans are ages 18-24 (34%), 25-34 (43%) and 93% are female.

8. Nesting with Grace

Nesting With Grace is an interior design blog curated by Brooke Christen with 171 thousand fans on Instagram (164K) and Facebook (7K). Ninety-five percent of her followers are female.

9. Driven by Decor

“Hi! I’m so glad that you found me here at Driven by Decor, where I share room makeovers, DIY projects, stylish buys, and anything and everything that I’m passionate about.” Driven by Decor has 160 thousand fans, 149K on Instagram and 11K on Facebook ages 18-24 (31%) and 25-34 (43%). NInety-two percent of Driven by Decor’s fans are female.

10. House Seven Design

These husband and wife team of interior decorators are also micro-influencers with 157 thousand fans on Instagram (155K) and Facebook (3K) ages 25-34 (45%) and 18-24 (32%). Ninety percent of their followers are female.

11. I Spy DIY

“Welcome to I SPY DIY, a website where all my do-it-yourself projects come to life! I love seeking out the latest trends in fashion and home, then showing you how to recreate them for less. I started this site in 2010 as a creative outlet, and have been lucky enough to turn creating DIY content into my full-time gig, and expanding the site into a warehouse studio space that we use for hosting events and teaching craft classes,” writes Jenni in the about section of her I Spy DIY blog, which reaches 151 thousand fans on Instagram (93K) and Facebook (59K). Jenni’s followers are ages 25-34 (40%) and 18-24 (37%). Ninety-two percent of her followers are female.


Dabito is the founder and creative director of Old Brand New, a creative studio specializing in art direction, graphic & interior design and photography. They have 151 thousand fans on Instagram (141K), Facebook (7K) and Twitter (3K) ages 18-24 (35%) and 25-34 (40%). Seventy-six percent of Old Brand New’s followers are female.

13. Orlando Soria: Hommemaker

Orlando is the Creative Director for Homepolish, and Blogger for Hommemaker.com. He has 135 thousand fans on Instagram (129K), Facebook (4K) and Twitter (3K). Soria’s followers are ages 35-44 (38%) and 25-34 (34%). Ninety-six percent of Soria’s fans are female.

14. Grant K. Gibson Interior Design Inc.

Grant K. Gibson Interior Design Inc. was founded in New York in 2002. Now based in San Francisco, the firm works on projects around the country– from Palm Beach to New York and Los Angeles. They have 114K followers on Instagram, 1K on Facebook and 11K on Twitter for a total of 126 thousand online fans. Gibson’s followers are ages 18-24 (36%), 25-34 (31%) and 53% are female.

15. Mark D. Sikes

Interior Designer Mark D. Sikes has 123 thousand fans on Instagram (119K) and Facebook (4K). Sikes’ fans are ages 25-34 (44%) and 18-24 (24%). Eighty-one percent are female.

16. Ryan Korban

Korban embarked on a career in interior design after graduating from The New School in New York. Without any formal training, he developed his unique aesthetic, characterized by a mix of luxury, old-world romance, and urban cool. His portfolio includes the homes of prominent figures in the worlds of fashion, film, and music. Specializing in retail design with an emphasis on luxury, Korban has completed some of the finest spaces in New York’s retail landscape. His work has been profiled in such publications as Vogue, W, Harper’s Bazaar, Architectural Digest, the Wall Street Journal, and the New York Times. He has 110 thousand fans on Instagram and 6 thousand on Facebook ages 25-34 (39%), 18-24 (38%) and 69% are female.

17. Kapito Muller Interiors

The NYC based interior design firm of Alyssa Kapito has 102 thousand fans on Instagram and 633 on Facebook ages 25-34 (45%) and 18-24 (30%). Seventy-five percent of her fans are female.

18. Nicole Davis Interiors

Based in Orange County, California, Nicole has extensive training in construction and design. Nicole welcomes projects ranging anywhere from ground up construction to smaller room renovations, where no project is too big or small for Nicole Davis Interiors. Her firm strongly believes in delivering quality interiors that transition houses into homes where wonderful memories are created to last a lifetime. She has 96 thousand fans on Instagram and 159 on Facebook. Eighty-eight percent of Nicole’s fans are female.

19. Pretty Handy Girl

A DIY Tutorial blog featuring illustrated tutorials for: painting, sewing, crafting, home decor, repair, home improvement, renovations and much more, with 18 thousand fans on Instagram and 74 thousand on facebook. Pretty Handy Girl’s followers are ages 35-44 (30%), 45-54 (25%) and 25-34 (20%). Ninety-two percent are female.

20. Miles Redd

Known for his quirky brand of cozy glamour, Miles Redd’s unique aesthetic vision is characterized by playful mélanges of high and low, invigorated with whimsical splashes of color and modern gestures. Drawing on inspirations ranging from Richard Avedon fashion photographs to Rene Gruau illustrations, Redd has crafted interiors for a wide array of venues. His trademark approach to design has brought to life rooms infused with boldness, fantasy, and sophistication. Redd has 76 thousand fans on Instagram, 2 thousand on Facebook and 835 on Twitter. Redd’s fans are ages 25-34 (44%) and 35-44 (21%). Seventy percent are female.

21. Nicole Gibbons

Nicole Gibbons—an interior designer, on-air personality and lifestyle blogger, best known for her fashion-forward point of view on style for the home—has been featured in many magazines and on television and you can also watch her on the Emmy Award-winning TV series Home Made Simple airing Saturday mornings on OWN, the Oprah Winfrey Network. Gibbons has 24K fans on Instagram, 4K on facebook and 28K on Twitter ages 25-34 (45%) and 18-24 (30%). Eighty percent of Nicole’s fans are female.

22. molly madfis

Almost Makes Me Perfect is a DIY and design blog by Molly, which has 46K followers on Instagram, 7K on facebook and 2K on Twitter ages 18-24 (39%) and 25-34 (39%). Eighty-nine percent of molly’s fans are female.

23. kelly behun |STUDIO

Based in New York City, k e l l y b e h u n |STUDIO provides a uniquely hands-on approach producing customized environments perfectly tailored to each client’s needs. Considered an interior designer with the eye of a gallerist, Kelly’s projects utilize everything from bespoke furnishings and unique designer pieces to offbeat accents and inexpensive vintage finds. The aesthetic relies more on visual and emotional appeal than a particular provenance. Kelly has deep connections to the New York art world and is always seeking new and innovative ways for clients to integrate art into their homes. She has 47K fans on Instagram, 1K on Facebook and 1K on Twitter ages 25-34 (43%) and 18-24 (27%). Sixty-three percent are female.

24. Robin Wilson Home

Robin Wilson is an interior designer, author and expert on healthy homes–who has been featured on HGTV, LX-TV Open House, and multiple magazine/ newspaper profiles and TV news programs. Recently, in a TED-style keynote address at 2017 High Point Market, Robin discussed “Design Disrupters” in a video that continues to be viewed by thousands. Robin has 26K Instagram fans and 11K Facebook ones. Her fans are 58% female.

25. Keita Turner Design

Keita Turner Design creates enduring fashionably classic design that is bold and timeless for elegant environments. She has 21K followers on Instagram, 13K on Facebook and 513 on Twitter ages 25-34 (43%) and 18-24 (23%). Fifty-eight percent are female.

26. Megan Pflug Designs

Megan Pflug Designs is a blog and design studio that delivers original home décor-focused content and residential Interior design services. Megan is a New York-based interior designer with academic training from the Rhode Island School of Design and Columbia University. In 2012, she launched the Weekend Decorator column for the One Kings Lane style blog. She has 33K fans on Instagram ages 18-24 (85%). Eighty-five percent are female.


This list has been curated by the WHOSAY talent team to help identify influencers for marketing campaigns. This list is available to WHOSAY Match users. For more information please visit matchreport.whosay.com.