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Which NFL Prospects Caused the Most Chatter on Draft Day?

Topline Metrics

  • 2021’s NFL Draft Total Tweet volume and Emotional Reactions slightly decreased compared to 2020’s outlier year, however, outperformed 2019’s NFL draft
  • The 2021 NFL Draft also saw the highest rate of passion compared to the previous 2 NFL Drafts, earning a 32% Reaction Rate in 2021
    • Higher Reaction Rates indicate a more emotionally engaged audience year over year
  • Last year’s outlier performance was potentially affected by the pandemic, with fans looking for anything sports related to watch at the beginning of lockdowns
  • Notably, the 2021 Draft showed much higher rates of fan passion specifically around the players themselves, with 38% of all conversation around the draft focused on the athletes, an increase of 32% compared to 2020’s NFL Draft

Highly Engaging Players

Justin Fields

  • Justin Fields drove the most engagement around the NFL Draft of any player, driving 7% of all engagement around the draft
  • Justin Fields falling all the way to the 11th picks had fans sounding off with the highest Emotional Reactions inclusive of love (17% of all Justin Fields Emotional Reactions), dislike (13% of all Justin Fields Emotional Reactions), and excited (12% of all Justin Fields Emotional Reactions)
    • Negative commentary surrounding Justin Fields is fear among NFL fans that the Bears might ruin his career based on their track record of unsuccessful quarterbacks
    • Verbatims:
      • Love: “Guess I’m rooting for the Bears for the first time since the 1985 Super Bowl season. Go Justin Fields!”
      • Dislike: “Well now I’m convinced Justin Fields is going to suck. Poor dude has no chance playing for the Bears”
      • Excited: “Justin Fields to DA BEARS baby!!!!!! Woooo!!! #NFLDraft 🐻🏈” 

Mac Jones

  • Mac Jones drove the second-highest engagement of the night nearly earning 7% of all Emotional Reactions around the 2021 NFL Draft
  • With many fans unconvinced of Mac Jones’ talent, the top Emotional Reactions from fans around him include funny (20% of all Mac Jones Emotional Reactions), love (18% of all Mac Jones Emotional Reactions), and enjoy (11% of all Mac Jones Emotional Reactions)
    • Verbatims:
      • Funny: “If I’m a Patriots fan I’m running it back with cam lmao mac jones not it”
      • Love: “Mac Jones to the Patriots is just so perfect. In so many ways.”
      • Enjoy: “The Patriots literally sat there and Mac Jones fell in their laps. Truly remarkable.”

Trey Lance

  • Coming in as the third-highest driver of conversation around the 2021 NFL Draft is Trey Lance, who drove 4% of all engagement around the night
  • Viewers of the draft were shocked at the 49ers selection of Trey Lance, with 25% of all Emotional Reactions related to Trey Lance being crazy
    • Verbatims:
      • Crazy: “Wow…not a single FBS Offer to play QB….. Trey Lance goes #3. Dont matter where you go, what matter is what you do where you at. #freegame”
      • Love: “#kyle would not trade two first to pick Mac Jones. Trey Lance is gonna make the offense so versatile. This is amazing. LFG. #49ers #NFLDraft2021”
      • Enjoy: “From Marshall, Minnesota to the third overall pick in the NFL Draft. Not bad for Trey Lance!”

Trevor Lawrence

  • The fourth highest driver of conversation around the 2021 NFL Draft is Trevor Lawrence, the number pick in the draft who drove over 3% of all engagement
  • Trevor Lawrence was clearly expected to be taken first overall, driving Emotional Reactions such as enjoy (24% of all Trevor Lawrence Emotional Reactions), love (18% of all Trevor Lawrence Emotional Reactions), and funny (16% of all Trevor Lawrence Emotional Reactions)
    • Funny Emotional Reactions were mainly caused by fans thinking it would be funny if Jacksonville didn’t take Trevor Lawrence with their number 1 overall pick
    • Verbatims:
      • Enjoy: “Since @Trevorlawrencee is officially a Jag that means he’s not a Tiger anymore so I can like him now ok cool GO JAGS.”
      • Love: “#trevorlawrence brings nothing but faith and hope to Jacksonville! 🏈 This kid is special! 🔥”
      • Funny: “the jags not choosing trevor lawrence would just be laugh out loud if i’m being honest”

Najee Harris

  • Driving the 5th highest amount of engagement the night of the 2021 NFL Draft is Najee Harris, who drove just over 3% of all Emotional Reactions during the airing
  • Najee Harris was able to drive extremely high rates of love (30% of all Najee Harris Emotional Reactions) and support (24% of all Najee Harris Emotional Reactions), and viewers heavily disliked (16% of all Najee Harris Emotional Reactions) the Steelers selection of him
    • Verbatims:
      • Love: “Another reason to love Najee Harris – today while throwing a party for kids at a homeless shelter, he posed for photos with every person, even the pizza delivery driver who pulled up when Najee was leaving. & then he changed in the parking lot”
      • Dislike: “Steelers taking Najee would be super underwhelming. That team does not value RBs.”

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