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What Will It Take For Addressable Advertising to Come to Fruition? [VIDEO]

Everyone is talking about addressable advertising, but there are still a variety of issues that need to be solved for both on the technology and business sides of the equation. Fortunately, due to the constantly looming threat of FAANG, the industry has evolved into an “era of cooperation”. And cooperation will be key in solving the problems ahead.

TVREV recently sat down with Chris Pizzurro, Head of Sales & Marketing at Canoe Ventures, to discuss what it will take to bring addressable advertising to fruition – from bandwidth issues to the overall economics. Check it.

Here’s the interview transcript:

CHRIS PIZZURRO: There’s technology issues and there’s business issues, but I do think, as opposed to 12 years ago, that there is a much greater need for all the parties to cooperate. Now that you have the threat of FAANG and all the digital aspects that’s out there. It seems to be an era of cooperation of “we do need to figure it out.” 

So, the technology side… I wouldn’t say it’s easy, but it’s solvable for and there’s some bandwidth issues within linear and things like that. And then on the business side, we absolutely have to figure out that you know, you have a mature business with certain pricing and certain expectations that’s in linear and now you have to be able to figure out well how the economics of addressable work for everyone.