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Wendy Williams Faints, Wakes Up As Biggest Badass On TV

I remember the first time I fainted. I fell face first on the floor, and immediately started crying like a newborn baby. Wendy Williams, on the other hand, managed to pick herself up, pull it together, and finish hosting her Halloween special.

The on-air fiasco had fans freaking out, and according to emotion measurement company Canvs, viewers turned to Twitter to say how crazy and scary the moment was. To top it off, 5.1% of all Emotional Reactions (ERs) throughout the show expressed crying.

But then, all of a sudden, Wendy sprang back to life.

Somehow the day-time host shook it off, and managed to finish the show. And fans were astounded at her level of badassery. The episode accounted for more than 35% of all badass ERs this week, with Wendy driving the conversation.

So, it’s official, Wendy Williams is the BIGGEST BADASS of the week.