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Wanna Bet? Gambling Laws Will Make TV a Casino

As a guy who grew up in the city of Boston- everything was always open for gambling (with everyone). Ten bucks I can hit this soda can in the trash from across the street. Twenty bucks says I can break this with my face. Fifty bucks says you won’t do it. Even Grammy would bet: if you said that word one more time …..

Now that the Supreme Court has paved the way for nationalized betting- how much you want to bet everything on TV becomes a betting game?

It’s not too hard to imagine Disney’s ESPN converting their fantasy app to allow for p2p betting on in-game sports. Nor would it be weird if new sections in the app start showing horses and greyhounds. Push alerts to breakfast, begging you in to wager against a soccer game? Sure. Thumb printing to Apple Pay to bet your dad on tonight’s game? Why not?

You just know Drake and Ninja are licking their lips– the fortunes made on music and gaming will be nothing compared to when rap stars team with esports stars and battle other pairings.

But how far will it go? Interactive TVs letting you bet on plays? The Voice contestants? Cooking shows? Will it become a reality show standard? And now, instead of just selling ad slots, can TV now become one big game where you can win things from sponsors for texting in your PII?

I wouldn’t bet against any of it.

Here is what Draft Kings and Fan Duel did to TV in 2015. 300 million over 5 months.