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VIZIO’s Approach to the FASTs Market [VIDEO]

As part of TV[R]EV’s Special Report on the FASTs (free ad-supported streaming TV services), we sat down with Mike O’Donnell, Chief Revenue Officer of VIZIO’s platform business, to discuss VIZIO’s specific approach to the FASTs market.

Want to learn more about VIZIO’s approach, the future of addressable TV, direct-to-device advertising and data-powered insights? Check out VIZIO’s Beyond the Glass event, which concludes today, Nov. 12.

“We always go consumer first and for us we want consumers to be able to purchase a VIZIO television, take it out of the box, connect it to the Internet, and have free TV or free channel options available to them right on the platform. They’ll always have the option of subscribing to a service or purchasing more content but we want to have a whole slew of different categories of free channels available for the consumers.”