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VIZIO: Why Addressable Inventory Makes TV Advertising More Appealing to Brands [VIDEO]

The various challenges of 2020 have accelerated TV industry changes — including the move toward addressable advertising. In the lead-up to this fundamental shift in TV ads, Project OAR has been at the forefront of establishing standards that both emphasize better audience experiences and provide standards for media companies and brands to follow.

In the video below VIZIO VP, Network Partnerships Adam Gaynor talks about what makes addressable ads such an appealing option for brands on TV.

“There are a number of brands that were born out of the digital ecosystem. These are brands that are comfortable going online and self serving the inventory that they want to buy and getting immediate gratification for what they bought, their return on investment. You can know immediately whether or not your ad is working and you can immediately make changes to where that ad is running so that you get the results that you want to get.

I believe what addressable advertising offers is networks certainly from going from hundreds or thousands of brands to thousands or tens of thousands of brands, and it offers the brands the opportunity now to be associated with networks and content that they may not have been able to get associated with in the past because of cost. But when addressability comes in, they know exactly what their CPMs are, they know exactly what their metrics are. And if they can buy inventory on an impression by impression basis, rather than a whole spot basis, there’s a lot of value to the entire ecosystem.”